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Texas International Cotton School


What is the cost of the school?
Total tuition for the next session is $3,000 (USD). This includes the $500 application fee (non-refundable) due at the time of registration. Full tuition balance of $3,000 (USD) and complete registration form is due by July 15, 2023. Partial refunds can be given up until August 1st. No refunds will be issued after that time. Payments can be made via credit card or PayPal on the registration page or by wire transfer. If you wish to pay by wire transfer, please contact us. Tuition includes class instruction, admittance on tours, lunch on weekdays, dinner at school sanctioned events, and class materials. Tuition does not cover non-sanctioned meals, lodging, airfare, or weekend events, or weekend travel.

I don’t have a visa, what do I do?
After you have registered and paid the $500 application fee (non refundable), you will be contacted by the school coordinator in order to provide an official TICS invitation letter, schedule, and invoice to take with you to your visa interview in your country. It will be your responsibility to apply for a visa, secure visa documents, and schedule the visa interview. We encourage you to register and start working on your visa by May to ensure enough time before the school.

Where am I staying and how do I get there?
You are staying at the
Hyatt Place Hotel, which is a premier hotel in the heart of Lubbock. The Hyatt Place Hotel is located at 2309 MacDavis Lane, Lubbock, Texas 79401. You will be required to personally reserve a room at this hotel in order to receive transportation to all school events.   

Before booking your room, please contact us to receive the discounted rate and correct link. Rooms must be booked by July 08, 2023 to receive discount rate.


Where is the Texas International Cotton School held?
​Classes and tours are taught at multiple locations throughout the two weeks, including the Texas Tech University Fiber and Biopolymer Research Institute (FBRI), 1001 East Loop 289, at 110,000 square-foot research facility on the eastern edge of the city, Texas Tech University Main Campus, and Plains Cotton Cooperative Association. Most details about locations will be provided with the final schedule.

What is appropriate dress during the school?
Please note that August in West Texas can be a mix of different weather. Traditionally, the days are hot and the nights are cool, with a slight possibility of rain. We mostly anticipate hot days, so you are encouraged to dress comfortably and causally for each class. 

While the outside temperatures are warm, you might want to bring a light jacket for the indoor classroom. There will be times when we are out in the heat. We do ask that you bring professional dress attire for our official class portrait. Also, make sure you bring a pair of closed-toe shoes to wear on field tours.  We also have a day where we will take a class portrait and ask that gentlemen please wear a suit and tie and ladies wear either a dress or a blouse and slacks.

What materials will I be required to bring with me?
You will receive all presentations electronically when you arrive. We highly encourage you to bring a laptop or other items to take notes for your personal use. You will not be permitted to record any lectures. All instruction materials are property of the Texas International Cotton School and therefore may not be recorded or reproduced.

What arrangements are made for dining?
Breakfast is provided at the hotel. Lunch will be provided each class day. In addition, there will be sponsored meals and events during several evenings. All other times, you are responsible for making your own arrangements for evening meals.

What is there to do after class or on the weekend?
You’ll find that there are many entertainment opportunities here in Lubbock. For information on events and attractions in Lubbock, please visit

Other Questions?
Please feel free to contact us concerning any further questions.

**All material and presentations are only in English**


Frequently Asked Questions


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